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Product Design

I was a part of the vendor portal team at Gartner Digital Markets which encompasses four software/service review channels: Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice. Vendors would use the B2B platform to manage their listings, gather valuable insights, and qualify leads.

When the pandemic happened, it slowed down many businesses, causing vendors to limit their spending in the portal. This project showcases the feature I designed that helped vendors find new ways to spread their budget.

The Vendor Portal platform


Problem: Vendors were halting their category bids because the pandemic limited their original category opportunities

Solution: A new feature, Trending Categories, surfacing new categories that they could potentially be a good fit for

Result: Vendor bidding increased and the feature became one of the main sources of revenue for the division

What happened?

The platform utilizes pay-per-click campaigns to maximize exposure and drive web-traffic to a vendor’s site. The pandemic slowed down the economy and even shut down some businesses completely. This caused campaigns to slow down on the vendor portal thus slimming down their sales funnel.

We needed to help our vendors continue to generate leads.

Thanks for the Recommendation

Originally, vendors would choose their categories during onboarding or in the settings page. By utilizing space on the dashboard to recommend profile-based categories, vendors could evaluate new categories they weren't originally in. Opting into these categories could then increase exposure and allow vendors to capitalize on new avenues of prospective buyers.

Trending Categories presented users new opportunities to continue to use their budget during the pandemic.

Continued Growth

Further research and later iterations uncovered more use cases, and what started as a small component on the main dashboard would eventually evolve into the Growth Opportunities page.