Miguel Ablaza

The Name Game


UX Designer




Product Design

Have you ever had an idea that you’re really excited about, but you don’t know what to call it? You usually wait until the end to give it a name. Same goes for websites. However, if you wait too long to come up with a domain name, your ideal name may get taken. There’s just too many commonalities when it comes to domain names. That’s where NameStudio comes in. NameStudio is a product from Verisign. As part of the product team, I helped enhance NameStudio in each iteration. 


NameStudio is a tool that helps push users to register their domain name ideas, or, if it’s unavailable, brainstorm a new one around the original concept. 

What Do You Call It?

Domain names can be hard to come by if your business or idea doesn’t have a unique name. For example, a fictitious person named Joe that sell’s sandwiches would have a tough time naming their website “joessandwiches.com.” There’s probably a million other Joe’s that sell sandwiches themselves, and only one of them has to own that domain name. Aside from that, someone might already own the domain name and is waiting to make bank from selling it to the poor Joe willing to buy it. So what would our Joe name his website? 


In order for users like Joe to bring their business online(or any user that just wants a great domain name), NameStudio was created. The product consists of two paths: Standard and Brainstorming. Standard showcases available suggestions churned out by the Namestudio. Brainstorming is where the tool really shines, and helps the user play with the words in their name/idea to create something entirely new. 


All of my projects have some sort of lesson I takeaway from them that sets up them up in my portfolio. I may not have been there from the beginning, but I helped enhance the tool through each iteration. Being a part of this team reinforces the concept of how nothing is ever perfect, and things can always be improved. Even though the product is complete and functional, there will always be things we can optimize on based on testing. In general, or in agile methodology, you should never wait to release something as long as it is functional. However, you should also never be satisfied with good enough.

You can always make it better.